Medido Connected
Because a correct use of medicines is important for stabilising or improving the health situation, it is necessary that a patient is supported optimally in this respect. The Medido Connected makes it possible for a substantial part of the above-mentioned group of medicine users to take their medication on their own for a longer period, whereby the quality of the use is increased. The responsibility for the patient remains where it should be according to Innospense: with the care provider.

Signalling, motivating and observation

The Medido Connected signals, motivates and observes patients when they take medicines. This is done by placing pre-packed medicines in the dispenser and set it according to the current week programme. Next, the Medido Connected sends a signal to the user when it is time to take the medication.
This may be pre-packed medication as well as
residual medication.

When the user responds to the signal by conforming it, the pre-packed medication becomes available and the package is opened. Through a text in the display the patient is informed to take the medication. All possible barriers for a correct use of medicines will be removed now.



Technical specifications Medido Connected

Power and dimensions:
- Adaptor input Power: 100-240 V AC
- Frequentie: 50Hz tot 60Hz
- Adaptor output power: 18V DC 1A
- Height: 140 mm
- Width: 140 mm
- Length: 225 mm

- GPRS module for internet connection. Dispenser
functions fully autonomous
- Bluetooth module for communication with fringe equipment

- LCD display with backlight
- Barcode reader for identifying the pouches
- Backup battery (at least 6 hours)
- Mechanical lock
- Adjustable alarm sound and volume
- Adjustable power saving
- Automatic LCD backlight adjustment to the surrounding light
- Alarm for rest medication
- Optional client specific top cover design
- All type of pouches can be customised for use in the dispenser. Please contact us for further details

Transport & Cutter device:
- Fully motorized dispensing of the pouches
- Cutter device with lifetime warranty
- Adjustable pre-cut length allowing easy opening of the pouches
- Full cut of the pouch at the end of the dispensing cycle




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